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Motivational Factors on Learning: A Case of Students in Albania


This study examined high school and university Albanian students’ motivational factors on learning while they pursue education. In this paper, the factors that motivate the students on their learning during their education in different schools and universities in Albania are investigated to create a broader understanding of their purpose in improving their academic progress. The data are obtained from a close-ended survey in a Likert type scale with adequate validity and reliability. The sample consists of 145 students (n = 104, 71.7% female and n = 41, 28.3% male) who were high school and university students studying at public and private schools in Albania. The results revealed that there were no signiicant differences between male and female students; 10th grade high school students and 1st year university students; and between private high school students and private university students on motivational factors on learning. However, the indings show that there is a signiicant difference on “My voice is being heard at school or university and this motivates me” (p = .044); “I ind interesting the students club that can entertain me and improve my skills” (p = .015); and on “I ind learning at school a fun activity” (p = .013). At the end conclusions and recommendations are provided for the pre-university and higher education institutions and other policy makers on education.


High schools; University; Students; Motivation; Learning


Ana Uka; Megi Danaj & Fabiola Halili

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