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Scientiic Writing Requirements in University Courses according to a Survey Carried out at “A. Xhuvani” University, Elbasan


Besides major scientiic studies such as bachelor, master and PhD studies, short types of texts such as note-taking, protocols, summaries of basic information, essays and course papers, play an important role in the process of scientiic writing. These are preparatory texts in the process of scientiic writing, which are often forgotten or not treated when talking about scientiic writing. The aim of this article is to point out the role played by these types of texts throughout university studies. Through the evaluation and interpretation of a survey results made at University of Elbasan, some scientiic writing requirements are outlined and it is stressed the importance of developing a methodology concerning scientiic writing as well.


Scientiic study; Records; Protocols; Course paper; Methodology of writing



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