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June’s revolution and its impact in Albania


Is one of the most important and the interesting event of Albanian state during 1924. The most important igure that emerges in this period on the Albanian political arena was Fan Noli. He demanded the overthrowing of the government of Ahmet Zogu, where the later was the biggest opponent of Noli. According to Noli , Zogu was ruling Albania dictatorial views and features and was orienting it increasingly in the arms of her neighbor opponent Yugoslavia. During this time, Belgrade was constantly trying to get in Albania and some vital issues of concern to this country, for example, the issue of Shen- Naum, Vermoshi, establishing trade and custom relations among them etc. Noli sow the approach of Yugoslavia with Albania very threatening. On June 24, Noli, overthrew Ahmet Zogu, with the latter leaving in the direction of Belgrade. Noli creates the new government. The question arisen is:
Weather Fan Noli came to power through a coup, or was it a revolution?


June revolution; Albania; Impacts


Blerina Xhelaj

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