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Adoption of Ritual and Poetry of Ala ́ wòrò-Ẹkù n deity in Combating Regional Instability in Nigeria


The paper examines the Adoption of ritual and poetry of Aláwòrò-Ẹkùn deity in combating regional instability in Nigeria. This was done with a view of projecting deity and its rituals as a means of resolving conflicts and instability in the society. Also, to make society see that Aláwòrò-Ẹkùn deity among the A ̀ wórì people of Lagos State as a means of finding solutions to communal crisis and regional instability. This study makes use of in-depth interviews with four selected participants from Aláwòrò-Ẹku ̀ n worshippers (one priests and three followers). These participants were selected from Arárọ̀ mí-Ale one of the A ̀ wórì communities in Lagos State where this deity is worshiped. Audio-visual and photographic recordings were used for documentation of symbolic elements and oral performances at the shrines. The findings showed that ritual and poetry is an effective method to combat regional instability in Nigeria. It increases cooperation, trust and foster a sense of solidarity among neighboring communities. Also, it showed this deity as a savior that rescued people of Ọ ̀ jọ́ community ‘in Lagos State and its environment from robbers, kidnapers, terrorist and the epidemic of 19352 . The poetry becomes the means of communicating with the deity to fish out traitors and the aggrieved ones before sacrifices. The study concluded that Aláwòrò-Ẹkùn deity had played crucial roles right from the ancestral period by ensuring safety of Ọ ̀ jọ́ and Arárọ̀mí-Ale community. It also pointed to the fact that Aláwòrò-Ẹkùn deity is the pillar of peaceful co-existence and unity in Arárọ̀mí- Ale and Ọ ̀ jọ́ community. The followers were compelled to settle their grievance and grudges before appearing in Aláwòrò-Ẹkùn shine. If this is generally accepted, prolonged grudges or disagreement that may lead to instability in the community will be resolved and instability will be prevented. The findings showed that the adoption of ritual and poetry is an effective method to combat regional instability in Nigeria.


Ala ́ wòrò-Ẹku ̀ n Deity, Deities, Poetry, Regional Instability, Traditional Ritual


Ph.D. Rifqat Opeyemi SANNI

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