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The Role of GeoGebra in the Sustainable Learning of Logarithmic Functions


Nowadays with the advanced of technology, education systems are under increasing pressure to keep up with the times. As a result of rapid technological progress and change, those who are responsible for the development of educational curricula are forced to consider how new and innovative teaching and learning approaches can be applied. In this study, we will try to give some results on how to use the GeoGebra program in teaching practice to address topics for presenting and reviewing logarithmic functions. In this study, the mixed method was used as the main methodology with action research. The selected sample included 37 students, while the data collection instruments were tests and questionnaires. The results of the study show that the experimental group performed much better after the intervention with the action plan compared to the results of the pre-test and that of the control group. Implications for this study show using GeoGebra in the math teaching process helps students develop basic math skills. Well-organized and well-planned support with this program, as well as ample activities helps many students to solve various problems around the topics of logarithmic functions.


Logarithmic Functions, GeoGebra, Teaching, Learning


Senad Orhani, Besim Çeko

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