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Effects of Polygamy on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria


This study examined the effect of polygamy on the academic performance of secondary school students in Nigeria with particular focus on Bariga Local Government Area of Lagos State Nigeria. Four research questions and four research hypotheses were raised and formulated respectively. The descriptive survey design was used. The study population covered all schools and students (both male and female) in Bariga Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was constructed and administered on the respondents. A total number of three hundred (300) questionnaires were distributed to the respondents but only two hundred and seventy nine (279) questionnaires were retrieved for data analysis. The data obtained after the administration of the questionnaire were subsequently analyzed using simple percentages, frequency distribution table; the formulated hypotheses were tested using t-test at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed that polygamy system; the size of polygamy families; attitude and interest of polygamy families and family psychological conditions have significant difference on academic performance of students in the study area. Some recommendations were made as the way forward and they are: Governments, private organizations and individuals concerned with the business of education should endeavour to address the obstacles hindering effective academic performance of students. Marriage/ Family counseling services should be intensified and expanded to cover a larger population in order to sensitize couples on the need to reduce the incidence of divorce and broken homes in the society so as to enable children benefit from intact family upbringing. Parents should be sensitized on the need to raise small families in order to enable them provide for their educational needs that will motivate the children to learn effectively and perform satisfactorily in government.


Polygamy, Family, Academic Performance, Marriage, Broken Homes


Adesoji A. Oni, Ikmat Olanrewaju Junaid

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