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VOLUME 27 / JUNE 2023

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A Review on the Psychological Well-Being of Workers at Workplace and Its Implications


The workplace has a crucial impact on an individual, as one third of their life is spent there and as such it pertains quite a significant role in their development. Consequently, mental health is one of the most affected aspects of this development, as it shapes most of their outcomes. Evidence shows that an employee's mental health is a strong determinant of their overall health and the stress experienced at work can lead to a variety of physical ailments. Moreover, mental health problems can result in employee burnout, which then influences their capacity to improve both their personal and professional lives. This literature review will focus precisely on how important having a positive workplace is, the factors aligned with well-being at work and the implication that it has on job performance and not only, with a particular focus on the rising of deviant and criminal workplace behaviors.


workplace, well-being, deviant workplace behaviors


Enkelejda Mëhalla,Ana Uka

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