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ESP Courses and Material Selection for Students in Their Second Year of Studies at South East European University


This study discusses the various activities, formats, and teaching strategies that have been applied in recent years in teaching English for Specific Purposes, or in this case, English for Social Sciences to students in their second year of studies at South East European University. The classes of ESP have constantly had changes whether in the material content or the way which they are implemented. This paper will analyze the needs analysis and the materials and activities which are used in this course which are including Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom and at the end the Project Based Learning. It is comprehensive that the issues and topics are changing and that brings to a result that syllabuses change also annually. The paper will show that all the selected activities have shown results, but as well the effective approaches which are contemporary based on methods and technological advancements have been really showing a high fulfillment marker and a connection with a proper material and the level of students� achievement and satisfaction on each of the ESP courses. Students completed an online survey that evaluated three aspects: advisor perceived quality, skill development, and infrastructure and support. A number of satisfiers were also evaluated: satisfaction with the program, peer recommendation of the lecturer, and fulfilment of student expectations. The article also considers the application of innovative approaches and their implementation by using the materials, topics, journals, lesson plans which are more trending and sophisticated as the interest and the student�s needs have been changing drastically in the last decade. The materials are of topics which are globally known and of course have resulted in student satisfaction at the end of each semester.


English for specific purposes, innovative approaches, lesson plans, materials, student satisfaction


Lumturie Bajrami, Merita Ismaili, Shpresa Hasani

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