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Can Skills Replace Competencies


The paper addresses the issue of whether competencies can replace knowledge in the preparation for a profession. Our claim is that knowledge takes precedence over competencies. In this context, we seek to falsify the misunderstanding of the concept of the knowledge society, which puts competencies above knowledge. In the paper, I partly use new literature on competencies and lifelong education, as well as literature related to the issue of scientific progress. The studied issue is the relationship of skills and knowledge to one�s preparation for a future profession. The method of the work is theoretical argumentation; the paper is of a theoretical nature. We use the method of theoretical proof indirectly by dispute. We argue with the anti-cumulativist picture of the development of science, stating that such an image of science is not cumulativistic, though this does not mean that competencies are particularly important. We also argue that skills will help us apply ourselves outside our profession. Our claim is that lifelong learning is mainly vocational training, and serious knowledge is the basis for this training. Skills follow only after the need for serious knowledge. The result of the paper is that the superiority of skills over knowledge is not justified. The paper is important because of the current proliferation of views in this context, which misinterpret the notion of the knowledge society. These views sometimes appear in university management and politics.


skills, knowledge, knowledge society, anti-cumulativism, education


Marián Ambrozy

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