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Psychological Security in the University Educational Environment


The psychological security of the educational environment is considered to be one of the most important preconditions, which allows to give a developing character to the system. Therefore, it is important to formulate its ensuring goals and principles. The concept of psychological security of the educational environment is a system of measures ensuring mental health of the subject�s in the conditions of pedagogical cooperation. This system is formulated on the basis of theoretical analysis, as a result of which: a) �educational environment� (psychological aspect) and b) �psychological security� are being defined. Conclusion on considering one of the social institutions included in the provision of national security (social aspect) is being substantiated. Main threats that destabilize psychological security in the educational environment are being detected. The category of psychological security is defined by us in three aspects: 1) environment and ensuring mental health of the participants involved as a system of interpersonal relationships that gives participants a sense of belonging (environmental referentiality function); 2) absence of social-psychological threats. convince the person that he/she is out of danger; 3) improvement of a person�s mental health. The modeling of psychological security in the educational environment should be based on the following principles: a) principle of relying on developing education; b) principle of psychological protection of the individual (support for the development of social- psychological skills of the individual).


Psychological security, educational environment, mental


Armine Vazgen Vahanyan

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