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Creativity in Education: Fostering Creativity in the Classroom Using Creative Teaching Methods


It is essential to have an understanding that there is no one definition of creativity that is capable of encompassing all of the thoughts and discoveries related to creativity. The aim of this study is to analyze teachers� perceptions about creativity in education in the context of Albanian schools through a questionnaire distributed to different schools around Albania. The research questions investigated in this study are as following: 1) How do teachers perceive creativity? 2) How to foster creativity in the classroom? 3) What do teachers need to grow their skills in creative teaching? The results of the study, which were based on data provided by educators working in elementary and secondary schools, showed a broad picture of their perceptions regarding creativity, the dimensions of creativity in education, and the barriers they face when attempting to implement creative teaching.


Creativity, Education, Questionnaire, Perception, Albania, Creative teaching.


Violeta Xhomara, Ana Uka

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