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Social and Psychological Factors Related to Filicide: A Literature Review


The historical moment in which we live is strongly characterized by violence, and the ways and the forms through which it manifests itself are more and more ambiguous, so in many cases recognizing it becomes really difficult. In recent years more than in the past, we have witnessed the spread of a series of murders that took place in familiar circumstances. In a contemporary society, the child is protected and defended by legal regulations, but still, the phenomenon of filicide remains one of the crimes that raise an alarm in public opinion. Filicide is an expression of mental illness, it is mainly associated with postpartum depression and is, perhaps, the most dramatic manifestation of this pathology. It is important to know that filicide is a crime that may occur in all cultures either in isolation or as a systematic practice with specific interpretation to each community. There are anthropological, psychoanalytic, and psychiatric explanations that currently try to address this phenomenon. This literature review will analyze the legal and psychopathological factors associated with filicide in order to examine the motivations of what push these mothers to commit such a cruel act to their children. This review has the dual purpose of presenting all this information to the interested parties as well as raise awareness about the importance of prevention and identification of factors leading to such a crime by both the psychological and legal professionals


Murders, Filicide, Crime, Women


Gledis Peza

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