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Gender Equity In Education: Teacher Visions And Classroom Practices In Albania


Pedagogy entails teacher-student interaction which influences the learning process more than any other educational component. Teachers play a crucial role in helping children understand how gender roles work and can encourage pupils to challenge the gender stereotypes or simply conform to them. Teacher awareness of gender equity in education can influence children’s classroom practices and their performance to great extents. This research aims at discussing teachers’ expectations of pupils’ classroom behavior and analyzing classroom practices using a gender equality perspective. Classroom observation and interviews conducted with teachers aimed at discovering the reality behind classroom doors regarding gender stereotypes and teachers’ interaction with children. Some of the teachers’ visions and perceptions are openly expressed; others are more subtle and indirect. The research methodology consists of classroom observations and key informant interviews with teachers in different schools. Results show that teachers who have received additional qualification tend to articulate more easily and show higher levels of awareness regarding gender equity practices in the classroom. 


Gender equity, Classroom practices, Teachers, Education, Albania


Eriada CELA

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