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Motivation To Learn In Secondary School Physics


The aim of this study was to adapt the Science Motivation Questionnaire developed by Glynn and Koballa (2006) into Albanian context as Physics Motivation Questionnaire and report validity and reliability of the study. The sample was 110 secondary school students from four private high schools in Albania. The data collected was analyzed and compared with the original questionnaire. Similar factor loadings were found. Based on the principal component analysis six dimensions which were intrinsically motivated physics learning, extrinsically motivated physics learning, confidence in learning physics, relevance of learning physics to personal goals, anxiety about physics assessment, and self-determination for learning physics were found out. The Cronbach’s alpha reliability was found to be 0.805. This questionnaire aims to measure secondary school students’ motivation to learn physics.


Physics, Secondary School Science, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Motivation, Education, Science


Ahmed Fatih ERSOY & Ylljet ALIÇKA

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