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Investigating a model of Madrasa School named “LIRIA” in terms of education and behavior: a case study of model school regarding teaching and concerned moral values


In a larger sense, the education is the process of changing one’s behavior. Is there ample effort of transmitting values of life and culture to the coming generations? Such an activity is not only to take place within the school environments, but also it is a process that has to continue during a lifetime. Values are known as the best, most right and most useful characteristics within a social environment. These mentioned characteristics are not only accepted by an individual or some, but also they are accepted by the whole society. (Silah, M., 2005). In this document, research has been made on education models that this type of school is practicing in a way that its students are aware of having a better understanding on the fact that these values are changing along with the world. The ones who have been researching on this relevant topic are the directors and teachers of this school. In this project, a very big attention is also dedicated to the quantity and quality of the research methodology. At the same time, even the structured interviews methods have taken place. When choosing the topic, the headmaster has been discussing with other teachers as well about the activities of students and their inluence. When this research came to an end, we all agreed that all these activities were very helpful for the students in their understanding of the universal and moral values. This research is mainly showing the importance we give to these activities in order to provide for the coming generations a better understanding on values in a rapidly changing world. In my opinion, all schools should not only simply schedule teaching programs, but also they must organize the more activities possible.


Education; Madrasa; Moral Values; Universal


Fatih Ufuk Bağcı

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