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The Comparison of Psychological Counselling Students who had Social Skill Education Course and the Students Who did not


The aim of the study was to examine whether social skill education course had positive effects on social skills of psychological counselling students. Research group were subjected to social skill education course but control group did not. Study participants were 134 university students attending to Psychological Counselling Department. Research group included 78 of the participants who had social skill education course. Control group consisted of 56 participants who were not subjected to social skill education course. All of the participants were the third grade students studying at Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Educational Faculty, and Psychological Counselling Department. The major instrument in the study was Social Skills Scale, which was adapted for the university students by Galip Yüksel (2004). Also, a personal information form prepared by the
researcher was utilized. Social Skills Scale included six sub-scales. T-test was used in the process of data analysis. The indings revealed that there was a correlation between the social control sub-scale and social skill education course. The study also revealed that the male participants in experiment group had signiicantly higher scores than the female students when emotional expressionism was regarded.


Social Skills; Psychological Counselling Students; Social Skill Training


Zehra Nesrin Birol

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