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The Correlation Between Register And Cohesive Devices Of The Text - A Comparative Approach In English And Albanian Language


The paper presents a study of the use of cohesive devices (their distribution and frequency) across different registers. The topic was chosen due to the fact that the correlation between register and cohesive devices has not been thoroughly investigated in linguistics. In addition to the fact that each language has general preferences for certain cohesive devices, it also has speciic preferences for certain cohesive devices that are sensitive to text type. Different genres and registers are characterized by particular kinds of cohesive devices and may make
different uses of them. The work consists of two parts. The irst part deals with the theoretical background on the concept of cohesive devices .The second part which is the practical part deals with the results of an analysis of cohesive devices across registers. Three different registers were analyzed: iction (a novel ),technical and scientiic style ( legal text ) ,newspaper style ( Daily Telegraph ) The results obtained prove that distribution of different types of cohesive devices is inluenced by register.


Text; Cohesive devices; Register; Frequency; Register-dependent


Lutije Cota

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