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Syntheses of the Importance of Teaching Translation


The acquisition of translation practice knowledge is part of the overall curriculum of foreign language students being a very important part of their skills’ portfolio which will accompany them in the labor market. Translation practice skills are an effective and useful teaching instrument also in the EFL environment which is experiencing a welcome return after it was neglected for more modern approaches. For the FL students to have a sustainable development in their translation practice skills, a thorough study on the approaches of translation teaching is of paramount importance. This article will bring an overview of the actual context of the translation teaching process in Albania demonstrating: the background of the teaching process of translation, the importance of the translation skills for the students, teaching resources and approaches, research into translation teaching. Finally this article comes to the conclusion that the evolution of the translation teaching is affected by theories of translation and that future translators should have as a basis the theories of teaching translation in their studies. Furthermore, a system of continuous training should be established for the existing lecturers of translation workshops in order for them to be in close contact with the developments associating translation studies, modern technology and teaching theories.


Translation practice; Skills portfolio; Teaching translation; Undergraduates


Jonida Petro & Elvana Shtepani

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