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Causes of Reading Comprehension Deiciency in the Foreign Language, Case Study Albania


When dealing with the issues of foreign language learning one certainly may think about the most important components of a Language, such as Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking. The focus of this study is Reading Comprehension, as one of the most important part of language learning and when we come to the results and achievements it turns out to be one of the most dificult process where students do not succeed in getting high points. Referring to Albanian Matura State Exams results in English Language, students’ achievement was not satisfactory, mainly on Reading Comprehension part. In such a situation the main question asked by everyone is why students have these unsatisfactory results. Actually there are a lot of causes that brings out low achievements on students’ reading comprehension, some of the most important ones are: class size, community characteristics, out of school activities, reading material, strategy of instruction, teacher, motivation, interest commitment to the task etc. But are these causes true in an Albanian context? For this we conducted a study with the help of the questionnaires. Thus it was mainly used a quantitative methodology with questionnaires
spread on three different Albanian high schools and completed by 200 hundred students. Based on the results of the study some of the most relevant causes that lead to Reading Comprehension deiciency are: motivation, strategy of reading and questioning. Students are not fully motivated; they have not enough interests and motivation to read a text in foreign language. Besides this in Albanian classrooms there is not a proper strategy to teach Reading Comprehension.


Reading comprehension; Deiciency; Causes; Unsatisfactory results


Irena Shehu

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