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Violence against Women a Case Study in Uznova- Albania


This paper describes the violence against women in a zone named “Uznove” in Albania, Berat. Such a study has always been needed to the Albanian society because, as they say, a world which is not it for women is not it for children either. For this study a simple survey was made and asked to 50% of the population. The sampling
was randomly made and the survey happened in the end of 2014. All the 50 participants vulnerably decided to take the survey and was made sure that the illing of it was made under no pressure. By the conducted research we notice that violence against women can still be considered on a dangerous level. By the research we see that the role of woman in Albanian society after the communism period did not have any big change from the role they had during the communism period. All these disparities need to be solved and as a solution education seems to be a good start as it provides the right path towards solving these disparities and diminishing violence
against women. Also, another point and the main one is religion. It provides a pure example how to respect
even the ones who are naturally weaker than man. The age of women range from 35-50 years old.


Violence; Women; Albania; Questione


Ayse Kutlu & Shega Pali

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