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Cognitive metaphors in Albanian political discourse: European Union integration, case study


Until the 1950-s metaphors were associated with the enchanting language of poets. It was only with the rise of cognitive linguistics that the traditional view witnessed serious challenges. The conceptual metaphor functions as a schematic cognitive structure (a ‘mould’) that can theoretically produce ininite instances of metaphorical expressions. Politics is one of the most inluential parts of people`s lives. Politicians frequently make use of their “persuasive speeches” to inlict audiences, to make them believe that what they say is the best choice, the most appropriate decisions ever. Since Aristotle times rhetoric has got its primacy of place in the language, politicians use. Metaphors are considered as a lively component of this language in context. This article develops a basic tool for stylistic metaphor analysis to assess the role of cognitive metaphors in a corpus of political speeches in Albania. Our main aim would be the role of cognitive metaphors in one of the most important and longevity struggles of Albanian politics and people, the integration into the European Europe.


Cognitive metaphors; Stylistics; Political discourse; European Union; integration


Ardita Dylgjeri

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