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The Social Factors That Inluence Affecting the Widespread Use Of Islamic Concepts In The Albanian Language


A human being that a social is being having unlimited needs, has to live together with their fellow men. In order to meet their needs, human beings who are dependent on each other, have formed a number of institutions with different functions. Sociological and anthropological indings tell us that people in all societies throughout the history had such institutions as family, religion, education, economy and politics. These foundational institutions which are considered as indispensable elements of the society serve as forming and shaping it. In this context, the aforementioned institutions played a crucial role in the irm establishment of the Islamic religion among Albanians and communicating through the Islamic concepts in the Albanian language. The Islamic Concepts,
throughout the Islamization process, increased in number and came to a remarkable stage over time. In this research, the process of transition of the Islamic concepts into Albanian Language has been elaborated from the perspective of the fundamental sociological institutions. Information obtained from written sources such as books, dictionaries and articles has been reached through document screening method.


Islamic concept; Albanian language; Social institutions; Family; Religion; Education; Economy; Politics.


Adil Kutlu

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