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Changes in Student’s Labs at the University of Montenegro: Embracing Design Thinking and Tinkering Work


This paper contributes to the transformation of pedagogy at the University of Montenegro. The radically new approach of teaching was applied: students as a producer and learning designer. Novel, cross-disciplinary technologies with intersection of physical and digital media were embedded into Basic Measurement in Physics course where design and system thinking were central to our teaching and learning process. Through designing the interactive systems, new engineering and design communities were created. In order to increase the student’s awareness about the world they live in and to unlock and enrich their potential, we intentionally brought maker culture into our lab. The features of cultural-labs, fab-labs, DIY scientist’s style and hacker-curiosity mentality were ‘blended’ into design of the lab in order to provoke and stimulate intellectual low. We designed learning as a choreography where art meets science and awareness meets responsibility. By observing students’ behaviour, their development and by analysing the learning outcomes obtained from formal assessments, we found that injecting maker culture in turn sparked intellectual low and support self-actualization needs of learners, gendered and socio-technology identity, self-directed (regulated) - personalized learning, student-autonomy and authenticity. We also believe that the hacker mentality can be a very empowering and educational tool.


Design thinking; Self-actualization needs; Self-directed - personalized learning; Student-autonomy; Authenticity; Do It Yourself (DIY); Hacker mentality; Maker movement; Citizen scientists



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