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An Educational Change Script Analyses: Social Integration For Youth With Intellectual Disabilities


Background: The goal of social integration is shared across disciplines and espoused as a universal value in today’s society. Proponents of traditional rehabilitation propose delivery of intensive services in segregated environments specially designed to meet individual disability needs. Conversely, proponents of full-inclusion models maintain that services be provided in the mainstream of school and society. Aim of this article is to provide an Educational Change Script Analyses to discuss the Social Integration for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities. Method: it provides the description of the type of analyses, case example and then the analyses of the issue. Conclusion: regardless of different interventions, none of us can eliminate the impact of having a disability. However, researches and experiences indicate as well that various program models, implemented both in special education, general education and social activism can have moderately positive academic and social impacts for youth with disabilities. Suggestions: There are some valid suggestions to be taken into account from educators, therapists and psychologists for Social Integration of Youth with Intellectual Disabilities in order to prepare and accompany them toward autonomy to become citizens with full rights to enter in Civil Society.


Regional Social Integration; Youth with Intellectual Disabilities; Educational Change Script Analyses


Suela Ndoja

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