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The function and meaning of dreams in the novel “Albanian Song” by Kasëm Trebeshina


The novel “Albanian Song” by Kasëm Trebeshina, is one of the most important
novels in Albanian Literature. The author is widely known as a dissident during the
period of dictatorship, a fact that makes his voice unique and trustworthy in the
whole Albanian writer’s ensemble. The novel “Albanian Song” is mainly based in
the Realism Method and represents the ethnical Albanian society. The collective
knowledge is one of the main ways to create a canonized society, a society named
as ‘ethnos’, that’s why it is important for us to study how dreams are represented in
this novel. The society represents its inner world, the spiritual dimension upon what
they think and believe about the powers of dreams; as dreams become a way to
communicate with the supernatural, or they can predict. On the contrary, stands the
Psychoanalysis of the Dreams, represented by Freud and Jung, who give scientiic and logical explanations about them. We are going to analyze the dreams in the novel by both of them, so even by looking with curiosity in the perspective of the ethnicity upon then, even if they are only superstitions; and even by the scientiic methods. What is of interest for us, is to give importance to every perspective that may help us understand the role of the dreams in the novel. The study will be focused on these issues: Dreams as expression of the fantastic and as a way to create relations with the supernatural, Dreams as prolepsis, Dreams for the devastation of family,
Communication through dreams, Dreams in addition to shortages of life, Dreams as a compensation of the forbidden.


Dreams; Ethnicity; Time; Prolepsis; Interpretation


Belfjore Qose

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