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The Evaluation of Psychological Service in School


One of the main school responsibilities remains the provision of the psychological service, recently sanctioned in the new law of Pre-university Education, 2013. The psychologist’s role in the school is seen as a necessary task. This service is provided through the process of handling different problems, the identiication and treatment of children with psycho-social, needs as well as the design and the implementation of precautionary risk programs, according to the needs of school community. Our society is free and open towards the innovation, but at the same time it is very sensitive towards the social, economic, spiritual and individual dificulties. In this process the psychologist should be close to children, teenagers and the problems they are facing. In addition to that, the
psychologist gives an important contribution to the students in successfully facing the curriculum, its goals, objectives and content. The psychologists in close collaboration with teachers enable the students to successfully accomplish their education. The need for designing the guideline “The inspection and self evaluation of psychological service in school” came as a result of the lack of an evaluation system at school, relating to the motivation and the improvement of the psychologist activity. It is the irst time that the psychologists have an appropriate professional tool, which is detailed in measurable indicators and instruments involving all the elements of the psychological service, based on contemporary methodology of inspection and evaluation of educational services. In this context the guideline offers great opportunities that help in achieving the selfevaluation process and the external evaluation of the psychological service in school. This process need time, efforts and professional engagement. Moreover it needs a fruitful combination of school self evaluation in annual basis with the external evaluation carried periodically by the State Education Inspectorate. This material, as the co-author
of this manual, presents the content and the methodology in order to clarify the way in which this manual of the evaluation of psychological service should be used and serve.
The manual is conceptualized in ive essential ields of inspection and self evaluation.
Field number 1: Evaluation
Field number 2: Planning
Field number 3: Consulting and collaboration
Field number 4: Advising
Field number 5: Professional development of school psychologist 

The diffraction of the content of this manual is oriented by the professional standards of the school psychological service in school. These standards are taken in consideration, combined with the international co operations in this ield. Apart from the aspects of the inspection and self evaluation, this guideline tends to help
and improve further the professionalism of psychological service in schools.


Inspection; Self Evaluation; Psychological Service; Instruments; Evaluation Standards


Robert Gjedia

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