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Where the Soul Is: Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Orphan Younger with Intellectual Disabilities in the Social Context of Education


The question of special needs, more than psychosocial needs, of orphan younger with intellectual disabilities in the context of education is being of growing interest and concern to professionals in Albania. The contribution in this paper intends to give an overview of key aspects regarding psychosocial needs of these persons in the social context of education. It provides further a description how one professional can meet their psychosocial
needs and where the soul of all that is. At the end, there are suggested some guidelines to be taken into account from professionals from area of health, psychology, psychiatry and education and policy making in order to make external efforts to improve the wellbeing of these vulnerable persons and their future education too.


Psychosocial needs; Orphan younger with intellectual disabilities; Social context of education



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