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Cohort Research on Russian Youth Intraregional Migration and Education


Migration has huge inluence on demographic structure formation both in donor and host areas. Internal migration’s effect is the most signiicant. As long as migration involves mainly young people, their relocation to regional centers accelerates population ageing in peripheral areas and thus depopulation. Ageing is particularly fast in the Russian hinterland. There are areas with the median age of population reaching the edge of 50 years. The cohort research on youth’s migration to the centers on the last two Russian census data shows that up to 70% of school graduates leave the regional periphery for good. At the end of the article a method of estimating the trend in regional center’s migration attractiveness for the youths is proposed.


Youth migration; Periphery depopulation; Center-peripheral population dynamics; Cohort migration studies; Method of shifting ages; Education.


Ilya Kashnitsky

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