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Four Methods of Analyzing the Novel “The Master and Margarita” Of M. Bulgakov


Literary Criticism is important to be incorporated into the way we concept and organize an open lecture in the ield of Literary Studies. It is very beneicent for the students to get different approaches to the literary in the same analyze. This way they can understand how several schools help to see literature differently and they altogether have the same mission: make the literature open for different readers, even if they are controversial with each-other. The novel “The Master and Margarita” in our study has been analyzed in four different methods, which are: 1. Literature and Biography, 2. Literature and Psychology, 3. Literature and Society, 4. Literature and the Ideas. As an important novel for the study of the novel as a genre and at the same time, as an important work for the
society of the time, this masterpiece of Bulgakov has been interpreted from different schools and methods. The four methods we are using are very important speciically for this novel, for the conditions of the time when it is written and for the innovations to the novel genre. The Albanian Student will be open minded after reading this study, which can be used even as e lecture, because it shows us practically the importance of different perspectives to study and to teach literature.


Methods; Perspectives; Biography; Society; Psychology; Ideas


Belfjore QOSE

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