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Obstacles in Educational Communication


The events of September 11 – 2001 introduced to the world new challenges including challenges to our educational system regarding the pedagogical communication and the advent of the new era called “information apartheid”. Despite that we are able to maintain and use all the experience and knowledge gathered from human society thanks to technology and that can be instantly useful and applicable by any person in the world! For us it is necessary a revolution in learning, which best meets the endless means of communication revolution - and this revolution is happening since several years. In addition, we must radically revise and restructure all aspects of the educational system, focusing on the risks arising from poor, short term, and without vision educational programs, as well as on psychological barriers in pedagogical communication. In teacher-student communication process, one often faces numerous dificulties, psychological barriers, which sometimes cannot be solved. This happens because many people do not recognize the objective dificulties that arise between the partners in educational communication situations within and outside of the learning process. Such dificulties often break and affect pedagogical communication. In contrast to external barriers that are dependent
on external factors, psychological barriers are dependent on internal factors. The century that we are living is the century of communications and mass media, but the pedagogical communication is a necessity for assuring the quality in schools in accordance with the learning revolution rates.


Pedagogical Communication; Psychological Barriers; Temper Barriers; Quality; Joy; Sorrow; Shame; Guilt



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