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Conlict and Communication in Classroom


This research deals with the conlict and communication problems in our schools. It shows that the situation is a real obstacle to the eficient learning process. The study was inspired from my learning and teaching experience during the studying years at “Aleksander Xhuvani” and “Tirana” University. Firstly there were given a few theories, opinions, and other researches made on this topic. Then is explained the way that how this research was conducted through a questionnaire. The questionnaire was done in two schools, high and primary school, and was divided between teachers and students. The questions were based on these theories and aimed at verifying and proving some of them. These questions and their aims are also explained in the study. The results of the study are presented at the end. A problematic situation about the conlict and communications in the classrooms is found in this research. Then the study discusses and analyzes the results, encourages further research to be
carried on, and gives suggestions in order to improve this situation.


Conlict and Conlict Resolution; Institutional Violence; Effective Teaching; Communication; Disagreements; Positive Climate


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