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An e-Syllabus Model for the Turkish Language and Literature Departments


In the last ten years, technology is developing rapidly and it is being used in all sectors. Education is one of these sectors. Computer and other related materials began to be used in education. However, this was not the only development. Smart boards in classrooms, computer labs, projections and internet access not only facilitate education but also improve the quality of education. Sharing curriculum on the internet is done by using this technology. Firstly, a syllabus which is prepared on paper has to be transferred to an e-syllabus. Thanks to the e-syllabus, a student can ind easily all the information about the course. The study will also examine the importance and beneits of e-syllabi. E-syllabus of Turkish syntax is used as a sample taken from the department of Turkish Language and Literature.


e-syllabus; Turkish Language and Literature; Turkish syntax



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