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ICT Impact on the Education System


This paper presents the results of case studies about innovative ICT supported pedagogical practices in different educational systems. Analysis will be based on the results of those survey countries (PISA) choosing countries that rank at the top of this assessment and in countries that do not have high achievements in this survey. During this study the focus will be on how important the implementation of ICT is to enhance and improve learning outcomes and teaching methods. On the other hand, the aims to use ICT in the school are different between countries that are at the top of the classiication and the ones positioned below. In this perspective, the aim of this paper will be the study of the impact of ICT on pedagogical practices in different education systems. Firstly, we will analyze the impact of ICT on student achievements in school. Secondly, our question is: what are the changes in the curriculum during the implementation of ICT in the education system?


ICT in education; curriculum; pedagogy; change; students



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