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The Effects of the Effective Use of the New Information and Communication Technology in the Classroom


In the last decades there have been steps forward in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the classroom. The teachers have changed their traditional way of teaching and the students their traditional way of learning. The teachers and students are pleased with the new information and communication
technologies because they see a number of advantages that help them a lot in the teaching and learning process. The students are using the technology as a tool or support for communicating with their teachers and among them. Hence they are in an active role rather than in passive role of the recipient of information transmitted by the teacher, textbook. The students make choices how to generate or obtain and display information. On the other hand, the teacher plays the role of the facilitator, provides guidelines, suggestions, etc. Furthermore, the students and teachers are aware of the fact that these new forms of the teaching and learning process present some disadvantages that should be well taken into consideration. Thus, this paper presents the many advantages and some disadvantages of ICT in explaining the new material, the new methods developed in order to satisfy the growing needs of the students in search of more knowledge.


Active Role; Facilitator; Increased Motivation; Information and Communication Technology


Daniela TAMO

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