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Integration of GIS Projects with Curricular Projects, Their Use in Geographical Studies


GIS projects are very in use recently. All effectiveness of them is how it is learned, used and implemented. Of course through them can be done well planning, different designing and can be goaled good results. GIS projects are used as curricular projects and of course as a good method of learning about GIS technology. Curricular projects aim to provide solutions to situations where students must be committed extensively including the knowledge gained in their education. These projects are really original. GIS projects are part of the curriculum projects except the used information is intended to be geographically referred. These projects enhance the ability of information management. GIS projects are part of the university curriculum at the University of Tirana in the Department of Geography. This is presented as a case study at this Department. The paper aims to focus the importance of using GIS projects in geographic studies during university academic years and beyond, as a method to elaborate new knowledge and to practice them. Projects are more interdisciplinary and all-inclusive subjects enabling the examination of a wide variety of geographical problems. The period of time and the role of the lecturer are essential during GIS project application. The lecturer occupies a special place not only in its technical supervisor but methodologically as well. Depending on the topic chosen by the student may be included more than one professor in order to use properly the gathering of information and its correct processing by issuing a geo-referencing product (mostly) map. GIS projects remain the main trends in the realization of an original research paper where information technology is extensively involved and where geography students ind themselves best.


GIS Project; Curriculum Project; Geographical Studies; Geo-Referencing Product-map.



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