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Eficiency and Effectiveness of Pre-University Education in the Optics of Human Capital Theory


The concept of human development through investment in education means ensuring the proper conditions for every Albanian citizen to have equal opportunities for same choices, so that successful or unsuccessful fate of someone could not be pre-determined by the place of birth, language, gender and creed. This material will explain also other notions such as: Human capital, Social capital and Knowledge capital. Terminological deinitions have determined the breadth and depth of fast research, quality of pre-university education in Albania. All achievements and failures, among others, are due to eficiency and effectiveness of the educational system. At the theory and practical level of Albanian educational system such notions are new, therefore we see it to clarify meaning in a way that educational related matters, as an important component of Human Development Index, can be better understood on one side and on the other to be clear the crossconnection of this component with other ones of this index (expected average life years of citizens and gross national income per capita and economic welfare).


Pre-university Education; Educational System; Legislation; Capital; Knowledge



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