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Virtualization In Terms of Community from the View of Students’ Feedback


Education is accepted by the people of today as indispensable for the modern life with the increasing educational level of societies. The status and roles in the society are affected by one’s behaviors and skills acquired with the education. One of the most important of these is to learn how to use computer technologies. With the computer technology internet is started to get more important in individuals’ life and some of them have addiction to it. It is an indication that internet technology to show itself as a prominent part of life and has slowly begun to spread throughout society. Individuals in the community have begun to increase noticeably longer periods of time spent in the virtual world at a time and it is arouses curiosity how the relations and interactions in society will be shaped. Whatever takes people more in virtual world rather than the real world and for which purposes they prefer to deal with virtual ones rather than real ones provide individuals’ priorities to spend time machines instead of people. Thus, how the relations between individuals in society are when compared in the past and what has been changed or whether the mentioned behavior has changed in terms of communication or in terms of survival and existing values which are owned have emerged as the subject of this research. The analyses which are made on being affected of reality of the world by the virtual world or the virtual ones, or to what extent reality and virtual affect each other will show in a more obvious way.The purpose of this research is to determine the students’ perspectives on the subject that how much the reality of society has started to show itself gradually in a socio-virtualization (paying more attention to persons or time existing in virtual environment) environment and how this trend affects the relationships. Research that is carried out in the descriptive model is a qualitative study. As we know, in terms of the dependent variable descriptive research aims to explore the current state of the working group. The study group of 100 students who are studying at the Faculty of Education University of Mevlana. The research data were collected with 4 open-ended questions which had been asked the students. The collected data will be examined by the method of document analysis. When the research is completed, the results will be presented and recommendations will be based on these results.


Community; Virtualization; Internet; Relations


İbrahim KURT

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