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The Effects of Technology on Learning Skills in EFL Learning Environment


This study investigates effects of technology on learning skills in EFL learning environment (preparatory class), these effects require new instructional practices and approaches towards learning skills for better learning English as lingua franca with the aid of technology. In this regard, Computer-based technology provides an environment to beneit from learning skills amply and to enhance learning of English in EFL environment. Learning skills involve critical, creative, communication, and collaborating skills. In general, we employ communication skills in language learning process, in particular the other learning skills. In this study, communication skills were treated more than the others for better English language learning, for there is a correlation between communication skills and technology and it is apparent that technology enhances language learning. The study employs a qualitative approach for collecting data through a class observation. It aimed to ind out positive effects of technology on learning skills for creating effective learning environment and its fruitful results related to English language teaching. Some of academic research indicates that communication skills improve language learning process with the aid of technology, that`s why, classrooms should be equipped with multi-media, internet, computer, and projector for smooth teaching and better command of language learning. The recent instructional practices such as method, techniques, approaches, design, and procedures were taken into consideration again due to effects of technology. Language learning was analyzed on the basis of technological effects on learning skills for obtaining the better command of English language. This study provides some substantial evidences that partial distance learning has positive effects on effective learning of English language, for students feel free to learn more. This study also highlights some of the effects of technology on learning skills, especially, the communication skills are treated differently. It is advised to have computer-based and internet-based learning environments for positive outcome of teaching language. Therefore, it may be suggested that for the good and betterment of teachers and students, educational institutions should start to impart partial distance learning of English language classes for
better command of language and might be conducive to long term academic achievement.


Technology; Learning Skills; Communication; Environment; Lingua Franca; Command; Effective; Computer-Based



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