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Kosovo Part of the EU Educational and Training Programs: Reality and Challenges


Kosovo with its current education which can be a golden key of the state and society of nowadays, education is still part of the operation and stressing social standardization progressive elements through EU programs. Kosovo for almost a decade has been participating in European networks in terms of the accession level programs offered by the EU, but not enough in terms of implementing conform these mechanisms intended educational opportunities for Kosovo. Another challenging aspect of education in Kosovo is the reluctance of these programs because of state and status quo of Kosovo, that neglecting participatory approach to education and training by the EU. The expansion of higher education is considered as one of the most priorities of developed countries, like the motor power of a state. Other items remain the implementation and adaptation of Tempus programs Erasmus Mundus, and perfection of national centers dealing with higher education to achieve a quality and social effectiveness of current and future.


Education Expansion; Adaptation of Programs; Quality and Challenges



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