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The Commercialize of Higher Education and the Legal Framework in Privat Higer Education in Albania


In the last ten (10) years Albania has faced the phenomena of the extension of higher education. One legal complex framework approved provides and regulates the license and thereafter the accreditation of the private higher education institution. In Albania have now, 13 Public Higher Education Institutions and 46 Private Higher Education Institutions (HEI). The phenomenon of commercialisation of higher education is not only in Albania. It is
one typical and common phenomena of eastern ex-communist countries where the right to study in the university is a privilege for the “elite” class. This article will focus in three main directions:
1.The situation of higher education in the Balkan countries and the role of private higher education sector
2.The mechanism of quality control. The Public Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education
3.The Albanian legal framework in private higher education
This article aims to indicate the important role that plays in the private higher education sector. It shows the promoting of competition between the public and private higher institutions. This competition has a positive impact for improving the higher education in Albania. Facing each other, both the public and private HEI have the same objective: to offer the quality standards and to be competitive in the market of higher education.


Higher education; Commercialisation of Higher Education; Quality; Legal Framework of HEI


Çlirim DURO

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