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E-University: British Experience


It is clear that e-University attempt in the UK was not successful. The failure has various reasons which have been discussed in this paper. Further, this experience has thought many lessons to other potential institutions that want to establish e-University venture. It is important to note that e-University would be one of option and could be considered an opportunity for many. However, what it is clear this kind of venture is more expensive and slower than the traditional university setting and running. There are huge amount of uncertainty and mistrust on the diplomas, certiicates, awards of e-University, e-learning and online higher education. In other words, apart from the USA’ s experience and delivery, institutions and companies still have dificulties to convince their prospective students for these courses and programme. However, it can be assumed that e-University in future would be one of the main higher education institutions.


e-University; e-learning; Online Higher Education; Venture; University


Bekir Cinar

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