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Determine University Students’ Demographics Impact on the Use of Internet for Educational Purposes


Pervasive use of internet to facilitate learning has been widely investigated. Most studies pertain to its effects on the academic performance of students in higher education institutions (HEIs) and to the impact of demographics on the use of internet in education. Higher education institutions in developing countries need to adapt their traditional teaching and learning processes to technological-based ones. If they are to invest in e-learning technologies, irst analysis of students’ attitudes has to be undertaken. It is believed that demographics plays a crucial role in determining the use of internet for learning purposes.
This paper aims at investigating if demographic variables, namely, gender, father’s job, monthly income, field of study affect the use of internet for educational purposes by studentsin an Albanian public university. Results can be used by decision-makers in Albanian HEIs during the process of further investing into educational technology.


Albanian HEIs; Students; Demographics; Learning; Internet


Rezarta MERSINI; Lindita MUKLI; Kseanela SOTIROFSKI

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