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Motivational Factors of Albanian Graduate Students Pursuing a Master Degree in Education


This study explained the reasons why Albanian students decide to pursue graduate studies, especially a master degree. In this paper, the factors that motivate the students to pursue a master degree in education in different universities in Albania are investigated to create a broader understanding of their purpose in enhancing their academic career. The data are obtained from a close-ended survey in a Likert type scale with adequate validity and reliability. The sample consists of 82 students (female = 70 (85.4%) and male = 12 (14.6%)) who were master degree students studying in the ield of education at state and private universities in Albania. The results revealed that there are no differences in motivation factors for master degrees between male and female students. However, the indings show that there is a signiicant difference in expecting to earn higher compensation, in inding opportunity for more challenging work, obtaining credentials as regulated by the law and remaining competitive in the ield of education between female and male students. At the end conclusions and implications are provided for the higher education institutions and other related instances.


Higher Education; Graduate Students; Motivation; Career Enhancement


Ana Uka

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