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Technology as a Dichotomy between Transformation of Society and Education: Albanian Society Case


Utopia of Albanian society after the fall of communist regime at the beginning of 1990’s was the imitation of Western culture, social, political and economical system. A part of this utopia had as a root the education and technological system. Nowadays, from the technological perspective we live in an information society since information and telecommunication technologies play a constantly expanding role in all ields of social existence of Albanian society. Therefore it has been changed the foundations of social structures, social identities through the new ways of education application. These transformations affect education system and also the social identities of Albanian society. This paper is going to be focused on education and technology. Technology and education has been as a dichotomy of changes because they inluence as a positive and as a negative indicator in the transformations of society. By transformation of society also have been seen the reconstruction of Albanian society’s structure. The aim of this paper is to maintain an overview of transformations of Albanian society’s structure and the reconstruction of social structure as cause of education and technology


Education and Technology; Transformation of Society; Albanian Society



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