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Family Therapy – As an Inclusive Approach


Most of the Balkan regions with the last transitions that they faced, passing from the communist organization toward the democratic organization, still are struggling with the after-effects of these alterations of the social systems, which resulted on the rapid demographic, cultural and social changes running fast ahead of its political and economic development. These modiications impacted the Balkan regions such as Kosovo and Albania as well. Times are changing all around the world and all these multiple recent worldwide development have been unravelling the fabric of traditional societies which were characteristic of such Balkanregions (Arial at al., 2014).Lots of regional wars, lately new territorial separations, new countries, the downfall of authoritarian
regimes, the lood of refugees from rural areas toward the urban areas, labor seekers from poverty-stricken, destroyed countries from ethnic and civil wars, globalization, the internet and lots of similar variations resulted to inter-ethnic tension and violence as well as on modiication of social values (Arial at al., 2014). All of these have bringing signiicant economic, social and cultural changes, often with unfavorable side effects for families and communities. Traditional community and family support system have found themselves unable to cope with such consequences (Ariel at al., 2014).
The impact of all these changes on the functioning of the family is dramatic. That is exactly the kind of situation in which professional family therapy is called for. Furthermore, awareness for the need of cultural competency and sensitivity in family therapy theory and practice has been heightened in recent years, yet awareness of the existence and beneits of family therapy for potential beneiciaries is rather limited especially in Balkan regions (Arial at al., 2014).This paper will consist of presenting a case of the family and the work that was done with
them based on the inclusive family therapy approach. During this period readers will be able to wider their view in systematic thinking of one problem by getting the insight on how the problem of one individual/ family is a result of wider system and visa verse how the problems of wider system impact the health and function of the individual/family .


Family Psychotherapy; Cultural Changes; Inclusion


Dhurata Nixha

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